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The Big Book of Long Vowels 


This is a BIG book containing loads of printables to help children learn to read and spell words containing long vowel phonemes. It covers the following sounds:

a-e (split digraph), ai, ay, other long a, e-e (split digraph), ea, ee, ie, i (long e), ey, -y (long e), i-e (split digraph), ie, igh, i (long i), -y (long i), other long i, o-e (split digraph), oa, ow (long o), oe, o (long o), ol, u-e (split digraph), oo (long u), ew, ue, ui, ou (long u)

♦  Reading and Spelling Practice

♦  Spell the Pictures

♦  Look/Write/Cover/Check

♦  Handwriting Practice

♦  Spelling Lists

♦  Find the Graphemes

♦  Wordsearches

♦  Anagrams

♦  Spelling Strips

This product is a digital download in .pdf format. Adobe PDF File

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